Letter: Cartoon unethical? How about Congress?

First Published Jul 29 2014 03:52PM      Last Updated Jul 29 2014 03:52 pm

In Sunday’s opinion section, Ilana Schwartzman takes Pat Bagley and the Tribune to task over a political cartoon he presented about the situation in Gaza ("What’s in a cartoon? Tribune should know better," July 26). Her main point is that since the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is complicated and multifaceted, Bagley’s cartoon misrepresented the facts which rendered the cartoon as unethical.

If someone as astute as Pat Bagley can’t get his head around this conflict, consider our poor Congress. Those poor souls have proven themselves to be utterly clueless when one looks at the misrepresented facts and resolutions they produce to promote Zionism, yet they seem fit to give $8 million a day of American taxpayer money to Israel. How unethical is that?

Mahan Singh Khalsa

Salt Lake City





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