Letter: Rabbi is right about Bagley cartoons

First Published Jul 28 2014 04:32PM      Last Updated Jul 28 2014 04:33 pm

Right on, Rabbi. I am an Irish Protestant. I also found the cartoons you mentioned in your opinion piece offensive for the same reasons you discussed ("What’s in a cartoon? Tribune should know better," July 26).

A political cartoonist’s intent is understandable, but if, as you found out, "….that editorial cartoons do not need to be factually accurate…" then to what conclusions should Tribune readers arrive when viewing them?

How would Mr. Bagley answer (based on facts) the following question? There are 22 Arab states in the world today. Why cannot one small Jewish state, Israel, be allowed to exist? I concur with your article 100 percent. I am surprised the Tribune printed it, but I commend it for doing so.

Dave Dungan

Salt Lake City





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