Letter: Hamas targets its own

First Published Jul 28 2014 04:32PM      Last Updated Jul 28 2014 04:33 pm

It seems beyond your understanding that Hamas, having no care for human life, believing every Muslim killed by the Jews will go to heaven, is deliberately targeting its own civilian populations by launching missiles from their midst.

The U.N., which is "neutral," blames the Israelis for killing civilians in U.N. houses, and yet admits that it found rockets in two of them. (And who knows about the others?) Every mass killing of civilians is an opportunity for Hamas to display dead children, but do you think they would shed tears if their missiles actually started killing Israeli children in the thousands, or rather, would there be dancing in the streets? You decide.

And as for the question asked in your editorial cartoon about whether it was less moral to use civilians as shields or to fire into those shields, I’d answer that when the people behind those shields are firing at you (no matter how poor their aim), you have no choice.

Hamas says Gazan citizens are imprisoned, yet they managed to bring thousands of rockets, and built offensive tunnels with what little building material they had.

Harold Katcher

Salt Lake City





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