Letter: Get serious about common crime, SLC

First Published Jul 28 2014 04:32PM      Last Updated Jul 28 2014 04:33 pm

We live downtown, and we went for a walk late this afternoon. On the way we passed some poor visitors who had left their rented vehicle parked on Main Street just north of Temple Square. They had a window smashed and purse stolen. This has been going on constantly for the last few months, in broad daylight, and at lots of other places such as meetinghouses. The police aren’t doing anything serious about it. When we came back the other direction a half hour later, the visitors were still waiting for the police to arrive.

Don’t parrot the line that no one should leave anything in sight; that’s no excuse for criminal behavior. This isn’t a slum. Why are we paying taxes? Are the police too busy running speed traps and issuing traffic tickets to raise money for the screwball pet schemes of the mayor and city council and their bad management and budgeting?

It may not be easy to catch these scum, but where there’s a will, a way will be found. Can’t we be safe from common criminals?

Paul Sharp

Salt Lake City





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