Letter: Guilt complex shows in black Mormon story

First Published Jul 23 2014 05:10PM      Last Updated Jul 23 2014 05:10 pm

Peggy Fletcher Stack’s story of Green Flake, "forgotten black Mormon," ("Black Mormon pioneers ... " July 22), while interesting, rings with the apologetic guilt complex that is pervasive in American academia and journalism today.

The Green Flake story, as well as other black persons of family interest, has been recorded in both family journals and published books for many decades.

I recall seeing the wagon, with captioned story, that Green drove from Winter Quarters to Utah prominently displayed in the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum many years ago. I believe it is still there.

Flake family descendants, during my seven decades of memory, have revered the black Saints as being a valued part of our heritage. These wonderful stories of faith and courage need to be retold in a factual and honest manner giving accurate credit where due. History does not need overtones of agendas now promoted long after its day.

Stan Flake

Jamestown, Calif.





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