Utahns want end to nuclear testing

Published September 28, 2013 1:01 am

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In an era in U.S. politics when passionately divided legislatures seem to be the norm, it was refreshing — like hooray! and hallelujah! — to be reminded by Jennifer Selig of a unanimous vote in the Utah House of Representatives ("Seelig: Time to ratify ban on nuclear testing," Opinion, Sept. 23). Utahns know it is time for a test ban treaty.

The unanimous vote was to urge the U.S. Senate to ratify the Comprehensive (Nuclear) Test Ban Treaty. Granted, the Utah vote, revealing this amazing, wondrous unity, occurred in 2010. Sadly, the U.S. Senate has not yet ratified the treaty. How can we get them to do what is so right and reasonable?

The U.S. Senate reminds me of my teenage self when my mother taught me to scrub the family toilet. Not a job I was at all inclined to do, but a critically important job for the seven of us living in the house. C'mon U.S. Senate, clean the nuke toilet for all of us living on the Earth. Ratify the CTBT!

Catherine Kreuter

Salt Lake City