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Holiday weekend DUI crackdown targets S. Salt Lake

First Published Aug 28 2014 06:34AM      Last Updated Aug 28 2014 08:52 pm

Drive drunk, high or both in South Salt Lake this Labor Day weekend and it could be off to jail for you.

Rob Timmerman, director of the local Coalition for Drug Free Youth, says his organization is teaming up with SSLPD as a sponsor of this holiday’s Drug and Alcohol DUI Saturation Patrol.

The city will beef up its police patrols from Saturday evening into Sunday morning specifically to hunt for impaired drivers.

Timmerman said a 2010 survey of drinkers in Salt Lake County confirmed that when they know about planned DUI checkpoints and patrols, they are less likely to imbibe before getting behind the wheel.

Organizers recognize that South Salt Lake, as a major thoroughfare for the Salt Lake Valley, is a prime location for the DUI prevention campaign.

"Our goal is to save lives and prevent injuries through significantly reducing the number of DUIs in South Salt Lake," Timmerman said. "We want the public know that the South Salt Lake police will be watching for impaired drivers not only with saturation patrols like this, but on a regular and ongoing basis."

If you plan to celebrate with alcohol, use a sober designated driver, take a cab or mass transit, or make arrangements to spend the night, Timmerman advised.

Members of the public who see an impaired driver are urged to call 911 or SSLPD dispatchers at 801-840-8000.


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