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South Jordan nearing decision on split

First Published Jul 28 2014 09:57AM      Last Updated Jul 28 2014 04:54 pm
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South Jordan Mayor Dave Alvord said the vast majority of feedback he's heard from South Jordan residents has been anti-split. Alvord has come out publicly against a split.

That's not to say, of course, that everyone is against such a move. Newton said it seems to him that many South Jordan residents are unhappy with the district, and he believes they may be in favor of a split if they had more information. Newton had been in favor of putting the question on the ballot, but said Friday he's now torn. He said he's now willing to stick with the district for another year to see if it can improve.

David George, a South Jordan elementary and middle schools parent, said splitting could benefit the city's kids in some ways.

"The more local control you have, the smaller you are, the more responsive it is to the needs of the schools and kids," George said.

And South Jordan Middle School parent Elaine Angilau said she can see pros and cons to the idea of splitting. For example, a split might help to relieve overcrowding at some schools, but it could also cost more taxpayer money.

She said she hasn't yet decided whether she's in favor of or against a divide.

"I think overall they've given it some good thought and this is a decision that needs to be made," Angilau said, "but we will never know the repercussions until we're five years out."





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