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Weekend rewind: News and photos you may have missed

First Published      Last Updated Jul 07 2014 07:22 am

It's tough to follow the news when you're finally off the clock and have time for yourself and your family. Rewind will help you catch up with all the happenings in Utah over the weekend.

Detectives take another look at woman's 4th of July disappearance • Thirty-nine years ago, Nancy Perry Baird vanished on Independence Day. There has been speculation that the 23-year-old Layton woman was one of serial killer Ted Bundy's victims. But, in reality, there is no evidence linking her to Bundy or anyone else.

Study: Utah is worst at supporting family caregivers • Utah ranks dead last in the country when it comes to support for family caregivers who take care of older or disabled relatives, according to a new national report by AARP. The report, Raising Expectations 2014: A State Scorecard, says every state needs improvement as the leading edge of the baby boom generation enters its 70s and 80s.

Fear runs through many Mormons in Ordain Women ranks • They are anxious, worried and occasionally petrified. They have been lectured and patronized and shunned by fellow Mormons who were once friends — and even blocked from family gatherings. In a barrage of brutal online insults, they have been called "mean-spirited," "misguided twits," "heretics to be burned at the stake," "arrogant," "self-centered" and "anti-Christs," who believe that "all men are pigs." So who are these so-called demons? They are churchgoing, believing Mormons who boldly posted their photos and signed their names in support of Ordain Women, a movement that pushes for female ordination to the all-male LDS priesthood. These members see no incompatibility between Mormonism and their dedication to gender equality in the faith they love.

Murray Fun Days' appeal keeps pulling people back • Even before Miss Murray McCall Gray recited the pledge of allegiance to begin a Fourth of July sunrise service Friday, Murray Park was abuzz with activity. People had staked out all the prime parade-viewing spots along the road that cuts through the picturesque park flanking a verdant stretch of Little Cottonwood Creek, majestic cottonwood trees providing sought-after shade on a hot morning.

Utah police are solving crimes through social media • Along with cute kittens, biting babies and rap remixes, YouTube channel surfers can expect, now more than ever, to see videos of crimes posted by police departments. Two YouTube videos posted to the Salt Lake City Police Department's Twitter account last week highlight the way the department is using social media to enlist the public's assistance in solving crimes.

Too many Utah heart attack patients skip the ambulance • In his 69 years, Allan Wilson has made more than a few trips to the hospital. The Postal Service retiree always drove himself, even in emergencies, rationalizing that it's quicker, more convenient and less expensive. But he wasn't given a choice last fall when his wife summoned an ambulance to a shop in Park City after he started talking nonsensically, his speech slurred — and her fast thinking probably saved his life.

Rape trauma: Why cops may think victims are lying • Frustrated by a lack of rape prosecutions, West Valley police Detective Justin Boardman is developing a new way to investigate sexual assaults based on recent research surrounding the neurobiology of trauma. Important to a successful investigation is understanding the impact of trauma on a rape victim, Boardman says, pointing to studies by a Michigan State University researcher. They explain why a victim's story could be inconsistent and even incoherent — and why, after undergoing an invasive exam seeking forensic evidence, a victim would drop the case.

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