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Weekend Rewind: News and photos you may have missed

First Published      Last Updated Jun 30 2014 08:13 am

It's tough to follow the news when you're finally off the clock and have time for yourself and your family. Rewind will help you catch up with all the happenings in Utah over the weekend.

Salt Lake City officer who shot dog is Trolley Square 'hero' • Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank police confirmed Friday that the officer who shot and killed a dog last week while searching for a missing child was Brett Olsen. Olsen was one of the "heroes" who helped take down a lone gunman who killed five patrons at Salt Lake City's Trolley Square in 2007.

Top Mormon leaders repeat 'only men' qualify for priesthood • For months, LDS feminists have been asking top Mormon leaders to address directly the question of female ordination. On Saturday, church leaders finally did, and the answer was no.

A trove of looted artifacts, five years after BLM raids in Utah • One of the nation's most extensive and valuable troves of American Indian artifacts fills a nondescript warehouse in the Salt Lake Valley, where federal curators are preserving pottery, cradle boards, projectile points, hand tools, pendants, grinding stones and thousands of other items illegally removed from ancestral Puebloan sites in the Four Corners region.

Utah's Chaffetz takes a tour of the liberal side • Rep. Elijiah Cummings gets a laugh when he points out that Utah has a problem with wild horses. That's not something fathomable for the folks in inner-city Baltimore where the more pressing concerns are crime, unemployment and poverty. On the flip side, people in Provo don't suffer from food deserts, or areas where grocery stores, and healthy food, are lacking.

Germany says it can't fund Utah town's massacre monument • Construction has stopped on a memorial in Salina after the German government said it cannot help finance the project to remember nine prisoners of war who were murdered 70 years ago in the central Utah town. Mike Rose, who wrote a book about the 1945 massacre of the German POWs and is leading efforts to build the memorial, said the German diplomats he spoke to had been supportive. He thought he had a commitment for the money and had stopped fund raising. But Rose received an email on May 20 from the German consulate in Los Angeles saying the German government would not send money.

Other news

Hundreds rally over killing of Geist the dog by Salt Lake police

4.2-magnitude earthquake shakes central UtahMountain lion dies after capture at Sandy mall

Salt Lake City falcon Skye departs; watchers suffer empty nest syndrome

Man shot, critically wounded in Magna

Cedar City police officer facing DUI resigns

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