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SLCPD offers last chance to claim lost, stolen property

First Published      Last Updated Jun 13 2014 11:31 am

This could be your last chance to recover those lost or stolen items, the Salt Lake City Police Department says.

As of June 23, SLCPD's Evidence Unit will be donating, trashing or destroying a varied assortment of property seized as part of its investigations that has not been claimed, despite the department's efforts to contact owners.

Currently being stored by SLCPD are items including: backpacks, luggage, bags, purses, wallets, bags, clothing, bedding, sleeping bags, credentials (Social Security cards, identification cards, driver licenses, credit and debit cards, passports), guns, knives, money, jewelry, cellphones with accessories, eye-/sunglasses, computers with accessories, keys, hand and power tools, bikes, a skateboard, a scooter, miscellaneous papers (birth certificates, photos, letters) cameras with accessories and license plates.

Also unclaimed: an e-cigarette, binoculars, insulin test strips, CD and DVD players, a golf bag, video camera, mug, snowboards with snowboarding gear, boots, tripod, boxes, "dream catchers," a glass chess set, a sword, cane, canopy, bow, inflatable bed, vases, motocross boots, a helmet, tent, clock, goggles, bluetooth sets, microphone, scope, day planner, camping gear, silver bowl, battery charger, umbrella, glass coasters, porcelain containers, magnifying glass, manhole cover, coin collections, medallion, handcuffs and cosmetics.

If you have reason to believe any of the above items are yours, contact the Evidence Unit at 801- 799-3041.

— Bob Mims