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Weekend Rewind: News and photos you may have missed

First Published      Last Updated May 12 2014 09:44 am

It's tough to follow the news when you're finally off the clock and have time for yourself and your family. Rewind will help you catch up with all the happenings in Utah over the weekend.

Recordings reveal Johnson offering up Swallow in plea negotiations • It seems then-Attorney General John Swallow's name was on everyone's lips when Jeremy Johnson sat down with federal prosecutors to try to nail down a plea deal in the St. George businessman's criminal case.

Dozens illegally ride ATVs into Utah canyon in lands fight rally • Fed up with federal control over lands their families have used for generations, Blanding residents along with out-of-town supporters on Saturday drove all-terrain vehicles into Recapture Canyon, an area rich in prehistoric sites the Bureau of Land Management closed to motorized use seven years ago.

Childlessness tests faith of Mormon, Catholic women • Mother's Day may be most painful to Bible-believing women — whether Mormon, Catholic, Protestant or Jewish — who cannot have children. After all, God's first commandment to the first couple in that holy book was to "multiply and replenish the Earth."

A 'photographic act of justice' for Chinese laborers at Golden Spike • Some 200 Chinese Americans, Chinese citizens and other Asian American friends posed here Saturday on the 145th anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. They were going for an iconic photo of their own, one to match the "champagne" photograph that has come to symbolize the celebration that day long ago when the Central Pacific from the West and Union Pacific from the East met on the windswept desert north of the Great Salt Lake.

As Utah waits for same-sex ruling, marriage battle spreads through nation • There is little calm in the quiet as both sides of Utah's same-sex marriage debate eagerly await a ruling that could come any day now. Meanwhile, challenges to gay-marriage bans across the nation continue to be filed, fought and won.

Overcoming Utah immigrants' mistrust aided criminal case • The ultimatum was as harsh as it was ineffective: Testify or face deportation. It was no way to persuade a scared undocumented immigrant to testify about how Victor Manuel Rax sexually abused him and other boys, manipulated them into selling drugs at Utah high schools and threatened to kill their families to keep them quiet.

Other news:

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Woman's body found by central Utah road

Thousands of Utahns walk and run to defeat breast cancer

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