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Weather forecast: Sunny, warm weekend ahead for Utah

First Published      Last Updated May 02 2014 07:31 am

Warmer weather will continue Thursday through the weekend, with high temperatures expected to reach 80 degrees in northern Utah by Saturday.

According to the National Weather Service, clear skies and high temperatures near 67 is expected for much of northern Utah on Thursday. On Friday, temperatures will continue to rise to 76 degrees, then likely will climb to 81 degrees on Saturday and 80 degrees on Sunday.

In Cedar City, the high temperature on Thursday is expected to reach 66 degrees. By Friday, the high temperature will likely climb to 74 degrees, then continue to rise to 79 degrees on Saturday and 76 degrees on Sunday.

Much warmer temperatures are expected in St. George through the weekend, with a high temperature of 80 degrees predicted for Thursday, 88 degrees for Friday, 93 degrees by Saturday and 90 degrees on Sunday.

For more detailed information, visit the Salt Lake Tribune's weather page.


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