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Weekend Rewind: News and photos you may have missed

First Published      Last Updated Mar 31 2014 08:14 am

It's tough to follow the news when you're finally off the clock and have time for yourself and your family. Rewind will help you catch up with all the happenings in Utah over the weekend.

Dutch John — a Utah town fishing for a future • Dutch John today is a quiet home for Bureau of Reclamation workers at the dam, U.S. Forest Service employees, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources biologists and law enforcement officers, along with fly-fishing guides. Visitors are almost assuredly there to fly-fish on the Green River, though a growing number use Dutch John as a base for fishing trips on Flaming Gorge Reservoir. But the community and county officials are clashing over Dutch John's future.

Is Medicaid expansion inevitable in Utah? • In pushing his "Healthy Utah" private-insurance alternative to expanding Medicaid, Gov. Gary Herbert must overcome Republican angst over "Obamacare" and ideological distaste for entitlement programs. Political insiders put better odds on his brokering a funding deal with the feds than winning over members of his own party in Utah's Republican-led Legislature.

Why BYU is going silent on honor code violations • It was a part of Carri Jenkins' job as the spokeswoman for Brigham Young University that she never really felt comfortable doing. A media inquiry would come into Jenkins' office regarding whether a BYU student had violated the LDS Church-owned school's honor code, and Jenkins was bound by school policy to offer a confirmation or denial. Now, under a new policy that became effective Jan. 1, neither Jenkins nor any other administrator will acknowledge whether a student has been disciplined by the honor code office unless that student has announced a transgression publicly or if it is a matter of public record, such as an arrest.

Calls mount for charging decision in Danielle Willard shooting • It's been nearly 16 months since West Valley City police officers shot and killed Danielle Willard during a drug investigation. At this point, there may be one thing people on all sides agree upon. They would like a decision about whether Officers Shaun Cowley and Kevin Salmon will face criminal charges.

Support pets on commercial flights: Legitimate or scam? • A dog leaped on top of the luggage at the JetBlue ticket counter, barking and baring its teeth. Reannon Muth remembers everyone in the airport staring. The woman said she had three dogs that were "emotional-support animals." Federal law requires airlines to carry them for free as long as a licensed mental health professional signs a letter saying the passenger needs them for emotional support.

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