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Mother details harrowing time without utilities in polygamous town

First Published      Last Updated Feb 28 2014 01:18 pm

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In his cross examination, Hamilton paraded out a series of letters between the Cookes and city personnel, dating to when they first moved to Colorado City. Hamilton argued the letters show the city had a clear water policy — and that the Cookes knew about it.

Attorneys for the cities have argued that the policy stemmed from a water shortage and prohibited new water hookups unless the homes added water to the overall system.

The letters also apparently showed clear policies for getting electricity, which Jinjer Cooke admitted the family didn't follow.

Hamilton said the Cookes didn't access utilities because of their own disregard of city policy. During open arguments in the case, city attorneys also argued that the Cookes were pawns in a scheme by state-appointed land managers to circumvent city policy, subdivide land and sell it off.

Hamilton's cross examination will finish Wednesday, after which Ron Cooke is expected to testify. Seth Cooke, Ron's brother, also took the stand Tuesday.


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