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Granite district using military M-16s to defend schools

First Published Feb 23 2014 06:01PM      Last Updated Feb 23 2014 05:09 pm

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One quarter of school shootings end within five minutes, Perrodin said, citing his research. Nearly all end within 15 minutes.

"If you’re going to have an M-16, my position would be you have it with you at all times, just like you have a sidearm at all times," Perrodin said.

As of 2012, the likelihood of any school having a shooting is once in every 13,870 years, Perrodin said, though he noted school shootings are increasing.

Johnson said that for any officer anywhere to carry a rifle at all times is not practical. He described the rifles as a tool.

"You use them when you need them and then you put them away," Johnson said.


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