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Magna teens rescued off chunk of ice in Grantsville Reservoir

First Published      Last Updated Feb 16 2014 09:04 pm

Two 13-year-old Magna boys had to be rescued Sunday after they decided to play on a chunk of ice that drifted into the middle of a Tooele County reservoir with them on board.

Tooele County Chief Deputy Duke North said the two boys jumped from the shore of the Grantsville Reservoir onto a chunk of ice about 1:15 p.m. and began to play on it.

But then the wind shifted, taking the ice — which began to buckle — and the boys about 200 feet from shore into open water.

The boys were trapped on the ice for about an hour, North said.

Authorities sent ice rescue swimmers to reach the teens, who were fitted with life preservers, strapped to floating boards and towed to shore through the frigid water to a waiting ambulance. The rescue took about 45 minutes, he said.

The boys, who were not seriously injured, were taken to Mountain West Medical Center in Tooele for evaluation.

North said authorities would like to remind people to stay off the ice in any body of water at this time of year. The warming temperatures, runoff from the mountains and winds make all existing ice very treacherous.


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