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Special-needs Utah boy, 4, left on the curb

First Published      Last Updated Feb 04 2014 05:18 pm

Davis County School District is reminding all of its bus drivers about their policies after a substitute driver dropped off a special-needs preschooler at his home before his mom returned.

On Jan. 28, classes at Morgan Elementary School ended early for a conference. The bus driver dropped off the 4-year-old at his home, but no one was there to receive him, said district spokesman Chris Williams.

His mother, who did not anticipate her son coming home early, arrived about 30 minutes later to find him outside their house, Williams said. The mother called the district to let them know what happened.

"The bus driver should have kept him on the bus and taken him back to school," Williams said. "… Luckily for all of us, the little guy was safe and nothing happened."

In light of the incident, the district is reiterating its practices with all of its drivers. This is "not supposed to occur at all, under any circumstance," Williams said.

The bus driver called the mother and apologized. He feels "extremely sorry that it happened," Williams said.


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