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A Look Back: JFK photos from the personal collection of White House staffer Nancy Larson

First Published      Last Updated Apr 18 2014 10:53 am

Photo courtesy Nancy Larson Nancy Larson, who is sitting just right of the center of the photo, is seen sitting in the press room at the White House n Sept. 12, 1963. The photo is from the personal collection of Larson, who worked in the White House press office at the time.

Nancy Larson grew up in a politically active family in Magna, attended the University of Utah and, by the time she was in her 20s, was working in the Kennedy White House as an aide to press secretary Pierre Salinger. On Nov. 22, 1963, Larson answered the phone when the fateful call came that the president had been shot in Dallas.

Larson, now 77 and living in San Francisco, attended a dinner last weekend with other Kennedy staffers and journalists to remember Camelot. Amid the duck a l'orange and poached pears, Larson chatted with Ted Kennedy Jr., former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee and others during the anniversary event, hosted by her friend Nancy Hogan Dutton, widow of former Kennedy special assistant Fred Dutton.

"It was a real who's who. It was breathtaking, I just keep thinking about the people I saw," Larson said. "I was just awfully glad I went. It was really extraordinary."

Larson shared photos from her personal collection of her time working for JFK with The Salt Lake Tribune.


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