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Emery County attorneys inspect toppled goblin formation

First Published      Last Updated Feb 26 2014 07:25 pm

The investigation into the men who toppled an ancient "goblin" rock formation continues to inch forward, though no charges had been filed as of Wednesday.

According to a statement, Emery County Attorney David Blackwell and Deputy Attorney Brent Langston visited Goblin Valley State Park on Monday to inspect the scene of the toppled formation. Parks spokesman Eugene Swalberg said a park investigator accompanied the attorneys at the scene.

The investigation is still being handled by park personnel, and county attorneys have not filed charges against the two Boy Scout leaders, who were subsequently stripped of their authority by Scout officials.

Glenn Taylor, who pushed over the formation, and David Hall, who video-taped the incident, confirmed last week that authorities had contacted them as part of the investigation. The men have insisted that they toppled the formation because it posed a threat to the safety of park visitors.

Park authorities disagree, saying the men should have contacted a ranger if they felt there was any threat.

Swalberg said authorities have managed to locate the specific formation that was toppled.

The Emery County Attorney's office statement adds that the Emery County Attorney's office "recognizes the public interest this case has generated and will carefully review the case when the investigation is complete."

Swalberg did not say how much longer the investigation would last, but said authorities want to be thorough.


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