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Is this Salt Lake Community College ad the best ever?

First Published      Last Updated Sep 25 2013 12:04 pm

What's better than a $2 hair cut? How about this magnum opus of a local commercial for Salt Lake Community College's Barbering and Cosmetology School.

The video has it all: a mellifluous little jingle, creepy mannequin heads, vintage video transitions. It's a veritable trifecta of bad taste, absurdity and guilty pleasure.

Sure, it's also probably an intentional bid at irony. Posted in 2009, those awesome swipe effects weren't any less outdated four years ago than they are now. And there's the Mormon missionary theme: awesome but seemingly a wink at us viewers. So, this is to local commercials what a Quentin Tarantino film is to classic exploitation cinema.

Or at least it seems like it winking. The quotes are just so awesome it's hard to imagine a writer of sufficient brilliance to pen them all. Here are some highlights:

≥ "Our degrees are two years and our haircuts are two dollars."

≥ "Your hairdos are only limited by your imagination … and how far along we are in the semester."

≥ "I won't mess up, and even if I do, [it's] only $2."

So if you're feeling a bit shaggy or want a to take a little off the top, try heading over to SLCC, "an unlicensed salon."

Update: Sadly, the Barbering and Cosmetology School are currently being phased out at SLCC. However, the school will operate for two more semesters, so go get that $2 cut soon.


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