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Weekend Rewind: News you may have missed

First Published      Last Updated Jan 13 2014 05:46 pm

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Other news of interest

James Taylor performed with the Utah Symphony and Mormon Tabernacle Choir

William Shatner and Adam West made history at Comic Con

Goats leap to new homes

Encore chorale group provides high note for singing seniors

Growing community and food

Avenues Street Fair draws thousands

Giant fruit and veggies view for big prizes at Utah State Fair

State Sen. Luz Robles will take on U.S. Rep. Chris Stewart

The lead lawyer in Swallow investigation will cost Utah $740 an hour

An off-duty Utah deputy died in a plane crash near Spanish Fork airport

A Mormon missionary died from injuries he received in a car crash in Idaho

Kids and electronics are a deadly (and expensive) mix

A beloved Mormon meetinghouse in east Salt Lake City got a makeover

Two rulings have challenged judges' decisions that federal and not state law can govern foreclosures

Eminently symphonic: The newest players in the Utah Symphony

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