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Mixed grades for Wasatch Front high schools

First Published      Last Updated Oct 02 2013 05:59 pm
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Hillcrest High Grade: C Graduation rate:73

Entrada Grade: Not available Graduation rate:24

Jordan High Grade: C Graduation rate: 81

District graduation rate: 80

Davis School District

Bountiful High Grade: B Graduation rate: 90 percent

Clearfield High Grade: B Graduation rate: 86

Davis High Grade: A Graduation rate:96

Layton High Grade: B Graduation rate:88

Northridge High Grade: B Graduation rate:86

Viewmont High Grade: F Graduation rate:91

Woods Cross High Grade: B Graduation rate:89

Mountain High Grade: F Graduation rate:40

Syracuse High Grade: B Graduation rate: 87

District graduation rate: 82

Granite School District

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By the numbers

How grades stacked up

Elementary, middle and junior high schools

This statewide tally includes traditional and charter schools

A: 86 schools, 12 percent

B: 325 schools, 46 percent

C: 212 schools, 30 percent

D: 74 schools, 10 percent

F: 15 schools, 2 percent

High schools statewide

This statewide tally includes traditional and charter schools

A: 7 schools, 5 percent

B: 60 schools, 41 percent

C: 45 schools, 32 percent

D: 15 schools, 10 percent

F: 16 schools, 12 percent

Traditional vs charter high schools

A: Traditional 3, Charter 4

B: Traditional 54, Charter 6

C: Traditional 35, Charter 10

D: Traditional 13, Charter 2

F: Traditional 14, Charter 2

Total 119 Total 24