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A flavor out of favor: Dog meat fades in S. Korea

First Published      Last Updated Aug 28 2014 09:04 am
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His father sold only dog meat for several decades. After Shin inherited the butcher shop in southern Seoul in 2002, he added goat meat to offset declining dog meat sales.

"Dog is not an industry with a long-term future," Shin said. "New generations don't eat a lot."

Choi Young-im, secretary general of an association of dog farmers, said dog meat, which used to be most popular after beef, pork and chicken, has been overtaken by duck but will remain a fixture on menus.

Choi estimated between 2 million and 2.5 million dogs are consumed in South Korea each year.

With one fewer dog meat restaurant in downtown Seoul, Oh feels sad that young people are losing touch with the tradition.

"Even now when I see young people at my restaurant, I feel so happy," she said.