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EU blacklists 3 nations over illegal fishing

First Published      Last Updated Nov 26 2013 08:57 am

Brussels • The European Union's fisheries chief wants trade measures imposed against Belize, Cambodia and Guinea for allegedly refusing to curb illegal fishing.

EU Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki said Tuesday that the three countries continued with illegal practices even after being warned last year.

The EU says illegal and unregulated fishing accounts for 19 percent of the global value of catches.

Damanaki said she had "no other choice" given "the critical state of many fish stocks."

Once the member states agree to back her, the fish caught from the three countries will be fully banned in the EU.

Damanaki said Fiji, Panama, Sri Lanka, Togo and Vanuatu, who had also been warned, had made sufficient progress and will not be sanctioned.