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Photos: Gimme shelter — in a big yellow tube

First Published      Last Updated Sep 19 2013 05:55 pm

On Friday, Utahns can live the waking nightmare of Michael Shannon's character in "Take Shelter."

The Bountiful location of Emergency Essentials is offering public tours of a 60-by-19-foot emergency shelter in its parking lot. The yellow tube, which goes for about $62,000 and was created by Atlas Survival Shelters, features a sleeping area, kitchen, restroom, storage and an escape hatch. Store manager Dawn Kaufman says the shelter can be self-sustaining via solar or wind power, or it can be connected to city utility lines.

Kaufman said such a shelter is perfect for places that are prone to wildfire, and they are a safe place to weather the aftermath of an earthquake. Hunters have inquired about them as an alternative to cabins, which can be burglarized or affected by the weather. And some folks just get them to hang out in.

The shelter was brought to the Bountiful location by crane to generate discussion of "Preptember," or National Preparedness Month.

Make appointments for a tour by calling 801-298-5487.