BYU student Kassie Walburger designed this headlamp concept to work with a woman's hair or a helmet. Courtesy BYU.

BYU, Black Diamond develop hiking products for women

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First Published Apr 29 2013 07:34 am
Last Updated Apr 29 2013 02:26 pm

My first pair of hiking pants were made for men.

Hey, it’s not easy for a tall girl who’s not in the market for highwaters. They were all right, but didn’t exactly fit like a glove.

But it seems like outdoor-gear companies are getting smarter about what female hikers, campers, skiers, etc. want and need.

(Hint: it isn’t just a smaller version of what you make for guys in pastel colors a.k.a the "shrink it and pink it" approach).

The latest example comes from BYU, where a group of five industrial design students worked with Black Diamond to brain storm products gals actually find useful.

Here’s what they came up with:

• A bracelet that doubles as a table-top ambient light source

• An adaptable light bracelet that can be worn on a wrist, hung on a jacket or worn as a headlamp

• A thin, pocket-sized device that glows

• A headlamp with straps that accommodate a woman’s hair while also working with a helmet

So, lady hikers? What’s that one piece of outdoor gear you’d love to see? What products have changed your life? I’m a huge fan of Athleta hiking pants and REI wicking running tops.

— Lindsay Whitehurst

Twitter: @UtahHikes

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