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Chlorine cloud prompts evacuation at USU animal lab

By Jim Dalrymple II and Jessica Miller

The Salt Lake Tribune

First published Mar 21 2014 06:22PM
Updated Mar 21, 2014 07:43PM

A cloud of chlorine gas in a Utah State University animal lab prompted an evacuation Friday and sent two people to the hospital.

The evacuation happened about noon after someone put Virkon, a disinfectant, into an autoclave, according to university spokesman Tim Vitale. Once in the autoclave, the Virkon combined with steam and produced chlorine gas. People nearby then began detecting a burning smell, followed by a chemical odor.

Vitale said fewer than 10 people evacuated an animal research lab. Two people went to the hospital as a precautionary measure, though Vitale said both ended up being fine.

A Hazmat crew from Logan responded and helped clean up the scene.

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