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Key findings of House investigation into Swallow

The Salt Lake Tribune

First published Mar 12 2014 10:04PM
Updated Mar 12, 2014 10:31PM

House report’s key findings

Key findings in the Utah House Special Investigative Committee report include:

• Former Utah Attorney General John Swallow virtually hung a "for sale" sign on his office door that invited moneyed interests to seek special treatment and favors.

• Swallow allegedly embarked on a campaign to erase emails and wipe clean or dispose of data on electronic devices he used at the office and in his personal life.

• Swallow provided "unique access" to St. George businessman Jeremy Johnson while Johnson contributed to campaigns and provided Swallow use of a houseboat and planes. That access included what appears to be Swallow’s blessing when he was chief deputy attorney general for Johnson to process online poker payments at SunFirst Bank.

• Swallow made a "secret promise" to support the payday loan industry in exchange for campaign donations but then led a wide-ranging effort to conceal the sources of those funds.

• Swallow, with support from consultant Jason Powers, created a string of nonprofit entities to receive campaign donations from the payday loan industry and conceal their origin.

• Evidence suggests Swallow, with assistance from then-Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, harmed thousands of Utah homeowners when the attorney general’s office dropped a lawsuit against Bank of America in return for favorable treatment of a Swallow campaign donor.

• Swallow fabricated evidence to try to cover the origin of monies he received from payday loan businessman Richard Rawle, who in turn had received the funds from Jeremy Johnson’s I Works company and an employee. The money was for an effort to stall a federal investigation into I Works by allegedly enlisting the help of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

• Swallow may have improperly participated in decision making by the attorney general’s office in the case of convicted fraudster Marc Sessions Jenson. As a campaign fundraiser for Shurtleff, Swallow participated in an effort to obtain a lenient outcome for Jenson, who says he had paid tens of thousands of dollars to a Shurtleff confidant.

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