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En route to Southeby’s, Bay Psalm Book traces nation’s seesaw religious history

First Published      Last Updated Nov 22 2013 09:54 am
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Steve Green, David's son and Hobby Lobby's president, is a major buyer of high-end religious artifacts, in anticipation of a biblical museum scheduled to go up two blocks from the Washington Mall in 2017. None of the bidders for the Bay Psalm Book has identified him or herself in advance. Nevertheless, says Reese, the Greens "are robustly on the top of everyone's list of usual suspects."

Their participation would add a fascinating twist to the Bay Psalm story. Most contemporary evangelicals are theologically distant from the Massachusetts Bay Puritans. But in their exaltation of Scripture, they resemble the old "divines" more than, say, the current leadership at Old South.

If the Bay Psalm Book ends up with the Greens or likeminded Christians next Tuesday, it may be said, after a fashion, to have come home.