Salt Lake County closes Chinese restaurant in Midvale

First Published Aug 29 2014 12:16PM      Last Updated Aug 30 2014 02:23 pm

The Salt Lake County Health Department closed Rice King restaurant in Midvale on Thursday for creating an "imminent health hazard due to excessive critical violations."

According to a notice on the department website, the restaurant, at 755 E. Fort Union Blvd., received 45 code violations. Among the problems:

• Raw meat contaminating clean dishes.

• Dish soap contaminating raw shrimp.

• Food being prepared on the floor.

• Rice noodles being stored in a cardboard box.

• Tooth brush below drink dispenser.

• Container of food stored on the floor.

• Single service items being re-used.

The restaurant will reopen when all the violations are corrected and inspectors deem it fit for customers.





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