DVD review: Adam Sandler’s ‘Blended’ is a jokeless bore

First Published Aug 23 2014 01:01AM      Last Updated Aug 23 2014 01:01 am

Grade • C-

DVD •"Blended" landed with a thud at the box office this May — taking in only $46.2 million overall, piddling for an Adam Sandler movie — and watching it makes you wonder if Sandler has lost his mojo.

Sandler plays Jim, a widower with three daughters who ends up sharing a South African vacation with Lauren (Drew Barrymore), a freelance closet organizer who endured a disastrous blind date with him days before. Amid vacation adventures and images of copulating animals, Jim and Lauren start to warm to each other — while helping out each other’s kids.

The jokes are few and far between, as Sandler again seems happy to sit back, stay emotionally uninvolved and enjoy the studio-bankrolled vacation. Barrymore, at least, makes an attempt at playing a rounded character, but it’s a lost cause.





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