Survey says Salt Lake City has worst tippers

First Published      Last Updated Aug 21 2014 10:22 am

The results from Food & Wine magazine's "America's Favorite Food Cities" poll are in, and diners have determined that Salt Lake City has "the fewest pompous foodies" but also has "the worst tippers."

For the survey, Food & Wine invited the public to vote in 25 different categories from the city with the "best food truck scene" (Los Angeles) to the town with the "best coffee" (Seattle).

The results are revealed in the magazine's September issue, now on newsstands.

New York City had the "best chefs," Chicago won for "best service," and Portland was dubbed the best place for "healthy food."

The poll also shows that New York City diners couldn't be more different than those in Salt Lake, as the Big Apple won for "most pretentious foodies" and "best tippers."