Train and the Wallflowers play free Saturday show

First Published Jul 23 2014 03:30PM      Last Updated Jul 24 2014 04:39 pm

(| Courtesy Photo) Immediately following the Days of '47 Rodeo, the rock band Train will give a free outdoor concert on Saturday, July 26, at the EnergySolutions Arena.

The rock band Train was inescapable when songs like "Calling All Angels," "Drops of Jupiter" and "Meet Virginia" put the San Francisco musicians at the top of the charts.

The group found more success in the pop-rock world in 2010, peaking at No. 3 on the Billboard 100 with "Hey, Soul Sister." Train recently released the single "Angel in Blue Jeans" from the 2014 album "Bulletproof Picasso," which will be released in September.

The band will perform on a free outdoor concert on Saturday after the Days of ’47 Rodeo.

Pat Monahan, the band’s lead singer, answered a few questions by email about the new album, the success of "Hey, Soul Sister" and, of course, the rodeo.


Hey, soul sister

Train and the Wallflowers will give a free concert.

When » Saturday, July 26, 8 p.m. (after the Days of ’47 Rodeo)

Where » EnergySolutions Arena east plaza, 301 W. South Temple, Salt Lake City

You will be playing this Salt Lake City show after one of the biggest rodeos in the region. Have you ever been to a rodeo?

My first rodeo was in Houston, and it was awesome. I guess had never been around the essence of what it’s like to be a cowboy before and that was really interesting and very cool for us.

Did you expect Train to still be together after all these years?

Actually, yes. I expected right from the beginning that we would be a long-term band, even if we weren’t necessarily the hot new kid on the block.

Do you still consider San Francisco home?

Yes. I always will. My heart is in a place called Sonoma. And no matter where my body is, I’m always somewhere in the Bay Area.

Do you have any memorable Utah experiences?

Actually, about two years ago we played Salt Lake City — outside. It was for the grand opening of a Microsoft Store and it was so cool how everybody came out for that experience, and we signed about 500 autographs and took a thousand pictures with people afterwards and it was really a cool event for us.

Did the success of "Hey, Soul Sister" surprise you?

It was incredibly surprising. That song was written in New York City very quickly and basically it was just about a state of mind — being very happy and in love. And it created that song.

Have you ever worried that your liberal political stances could alienate fans?

Not at all. I’ve always made sure that in writing and performing that music was not an entry for politics. That’s just not the kind of songwriter I’ve ever been attracted to. I’ve always chosen James Taylor over Bob Dylan.



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