Utah liquor licenses: where to get the drink you want

First Published      Last Updated Apr 24 2015 03:13 pm

It's no surprise to anyone living in Utah — or visiting the Beehive state — that our liquor laws are complicated.

Take, for instance, the number of liquor licenses that businesses can get from the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. There are seven general categories: restaurant, club, recreational, tavern, banquet, reception center and airport lounge. But within the restaurant category, there are three options: full-service, limited service and beer only. And within the club license category there are four types: social, dining, equity and fraternal.

Is it any wonder that before we've even ordered a drink, we're confused?

Today, things get more complicated, as a new state law goes into effect that allows the holder of a state alcohol license to sell it to a qualified buyer.

While The Salt Lake Tribune can't simplify the state liquor laws — only the Utah Legislature can do that — we can help you navigate them with this interactive graphic that explains each type of license and what types of alcoholic drinks you can — or can't — get at each establishment.