Monty Python swansong (probably) will surprise

First Published      Last Updated Jun 06 2014 05:41 pm

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"I think he's the most insecure about being in it," Idle said. "He isn't really a comedian.

"But of course his animations are staggering, and at 80 feet wide they look great."

The five comedians have had their disagreements over the years — but, crucially, they still make one another laugh.

"I think everybody is much mellower, and happy," Idle said. "People are very funny about each other. And sometimes people think we are attacking each other, but it actually is not that. It's permission to say anything, which is lovely."

Idle said it was "wonderful" to watch comedy partners Cleese and Palin during a read-through for the farewell show.

"I could watch them all evening. It doesn't matter that I know the stuff. They're just funny. And that's what will make it special."

A last laugh

All the members of Monty Python have had busy solo careers, taking in television, movies, theater, books and opera. They've reunited because — to be blunt — they needed money. The five were left with a large legal bill last year after losing a lawsuit brought by movie producer Mark Forstater over royalties from the stage musical "Spamalot."

"We were in a mess," Idle said, until an adviser suggested putting on a show to clear the debt. "It changed everything round, and everybody got excited."

But he says it will never happen again.

"It's the last shout," Idle said. "A) We're extremely old and b) it takes a lot to get this sort of thing together. Everybody has other things they like to do."

Blame Canada

With just under a month until the July 1 kickoff, Idle has one gripe. It's about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, whose scarlet tunics are essential to a famous skit featuring a singing, cross-dressing lumberjack.

"The Mounties have seized all Mountie uniforms throughout the world, so you can't get them anymore," Idle said. "But we're not going to be stopped from doing 'The Lumberjack Song' no matter what they do. So we may be up for extradition."




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