DVD preview: ‘Mr. Selfridge’ goes to war in Season 2

First Published      Last Updated Apr 26 2014 01:01 am

Grade • A-

DVD • If only shopping could be as much fun as watching "Mr. Selfridge," the continuing, fact-based drama about the American-in-London who more-or-less invented the modern department store.

The second season of "Mr. Selfridge" picks up five years after the end of Season 1. Harry Selfridge (Jeremy Piven) and the store are hugely successful, but his personal life isn't going so well. His estranged wife, Rose (Frances O'Connor), is visiting, but she's not ready to forgive Harry for his philandering.

Most of the large cast returns, along with a few additions, and there are all sorts of things going on. Plus, England is headed quickly toward the outbreak of World War I, which will change all their lives — including Harry's when he takes on a mission for the British government.

It's still lushly produced and fabulous to look at, and the stories are better than ever.


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