Scott D. Pierce: End these 9 TV shows; save these 7

First Published      Last Updated Apr 14 2014 08:25 am

(Courtesy photo) Ryan Lee, Bailee Madison, Marcia Gay Harden, Bradley Whitford, Malin Ackerman, Natlie Morales, Michaela Watkins and Albert Tsai star in "Trophy Wife."

Over the next few weeks, TV programmers will make final decisions about which shows they will renew and which they'll kick to the curb.

A lot of series have already been picked up. A bunch have gotten the ax. And a bunch more that are "on the bubble" — they might get renewed, they might not. And that decision will usually come down to a network's new program development; whether programmers think a potential new series will be stronger than what it would replace.

These days, pretty much every show has its own rooting section. No matter how bad it is.

But here — based purely on quality, not ratings — are shows that ought to stay and shows that ought to go.


1. "Trophy Wife" (ABC) • This funny sitcom is so good it deserves another season to find an audience.

2. "The Crazy Ones" (CBS) • This has evolved into a nice ensemble comedy. CBS has so many loud, crude, unfunny comedies ("2 Broke Girls," "Two and a Half Men," etc.), it owes us this one.

3. "Almost Human" (Fox) • Yes, this was essentially just another procedural crime drama set in the future too much of the time. But it has promise.

4. "Enlisted" (Fox) • This is a funny comedy that keeps getting funnier sentenced to a Friday-night death time slot. Call the governor! Stay this sentence!

5. "Parenthood" (NBC) • This is the best family drama to come along in years. It's also pretty much the only family drama left on network TV.

6. "The 100" (The CW) • This futuristic "Lord of the Flies" is better than you might think.

7. "Suburgatory" (ABC) • This a sitcom with actual comedy, and it's better than the shows ABC has given more attention.


1. "Super Fun Night" (ABC) • It's not super. It's not fun. It's bad, bad, bad.

2. "The Mentalist" (CBS) • It's not that this is a bad show. But after six season and the revelation of serial killer Red John's identity, it's played out.

3. "Intelligence" (CBS) • It's boring. 'Nuff said.

4. "Beauty and the Beast" (The CW) • It's just painfully stupid.

5. "Dads" (Fox) • Kill it now. Kill it fast. Salt the earth so it can't grow back.

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