Scott D. Pierce: KUTV remains No. 1 in late-news ratings

First Published Mar 03 2014 03:29PM      Last Updated Mar 03 2014 09:30 am

I was almost wrong. Really close to being wrong.

About a month ago, yours truly made this prediction for the now-completed February sweeps: "The Olympic ratings will boost KSL’s late newscasts … perhaps enough to move Channel 5 back into first place."

Well, the Games did boost KSL’s ratings. But not enough to move Channel 5 into first place. (Good thing I used the word "perhaps." Phew!)

It’s worth looking at the February numbers as two separate things — the ratings with the Games and the ratings without the Games. Because the Olympics are such a disruptive force on regular viewing patterns.

Here’s a look at the Monday-Friday late-news numbers:

With the Olympics

1. KUTV-Channel 2: 8.5 rating/18 share

2. KSL-Channel 5: 7.3 rating/17 share

3. KSTU-Channel 13: 4.4 rating/9 share

4. KTVX-Channel 4: 2.2 rating/5 share

Without the Olympics

1. KUTV-Channel 2: 9.4 rating/22 share

2. KSL-Channel 5: 6.0 rating/14 share

3. KSTU-Channel 13: 5.4 rating/11 share

4. KTVX-Channel 4: 2.2 rating/5 share

(A rating point represents 9,212 homes — 1 percent of the TV-equipped homes Nielsen estimates are in the Salt Lake market. A share point represents 1 percent of the homes where someone is watching TV at a given time.)



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