Sundance photos, review: ‘Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter’ with Rinko Kikuchi

First Published Jan 22 2014 02:59PM      Last Updated Jan 23 2014 09:09 am

"Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter" (U.S. Dramatic)


Filmmaking brothers David and Nathan Zellner conjure up the spirit of another cinematic brother act, the Coens, in "Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter," a comedy as dry and chilly as the Minnesota winter where it's set.

Rinko Kikuchi ("Pacific Rim," "Babel") stars as Kumiko, a meek Tokyo office worker who becomes obsessed with finding the treasure she sees buried in a scene from a certain Minnesota-based movie. So Kumiko takes her boss' corporate credit card and flies to Minneapolis, armed with a well-researched homemade treasure map and meeting helpful Minnesotans along the way — including a clueless deputy played by David Zellner (who directed).

The Zellners' script creates some interestingly offbeat Coen-esque characters (though it must be a wild coincidence that Kumiko holds her pet rabbit the way Llewyn Davis carries a cat), but the execution is so deadpan that it barely registers a pulse.





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