Scott D. Pierce TV quality test: To DVR or not to DVR

First Published      Last Updated Jan 01 2014 01:33 pm

Three months or so into the 2013-14 TV season, the freshman class on broadcast TV has already had a number of dropouts.

ABC's "Lucky 7" was the first to go. Joining it on the cancellation list are CBS' "We Are Men" and NBC's "Ironside" and "Welcome to the Family." ABC also has canceled "Back in the Game," but has continued to air the episodes that were already produced.

Not of these are any great loss. The first three were pretty terrible; the last two weren't awful but weren't great.

As for the rest of the fall shows, here's where we stand on the Scott D. Pierce Test of TV Quality, which manifests in two ways.

First, do I have a season pass on my DVR for the show?

And, second, am I actually watching the shows once I've recorded them?

Here's the rundown:

"Betrayal" • Fail and fail. No interest in this whatsoever, and I love soaps.

"The Blacklist" • I got about five episodes behind on this one, but I caught up. And I'll definitely keep recording and watching.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" • Have a season pass. Watch fewer than half the episodes. Not because I don't like it, but because I don't have infinite time.

"The Crazy Ones" • Still have a season pass. Still watch all the episodes. Uneven, but I still laugh.

"Dads" • Are you kidding? I hate this show!

"Dracula" • Watched the first six episodes on DVDs that NBC sent out and then forgot to record it. Maybe I'll catch up online.

"The Goldbergs" • Wasn't sold on this show after the first couple of episodes, but I've become a fan. Record and watch every episode.

"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." • Yes, I record it. And watch it. But I'm not all that excited about it.

"Michael J. Fox Show" • It's still on my season-pass list, but I've deleted most of the episodes without watching. I want to like it, but I was just, well, bored.

"The Millers" • Need to delete this season pass. Starting to really dislike this loud, obnoxious show.

"Mom" • Still recording. Still watching. But it's starting to run out of gas and wear thin on me.

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