Scott D. Pierce: What TV can give a critic for Christmas

First Published      Last Updated Jun 30 2016 03:41 pm

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• My kids to stop comparing me to Homer Simpson. Although there is a certain physical resemblance.

• More shows like "The Good Wife" — shows that I'm just dying to know what happens in the next episode.

• Something in Season 2 of "Under the Dome" to make me think I didn't just waste my time watching Season 1. 'Cause I sort of feel that way now.

• About 20 more seasons of "The Big Bang Theory." Actually, for everyone involved in "BBT" to know when it's time to bow out — which I don't believe will be anytime soon.

• One star of one show on The CW who isn't young and gorgeous — just for contrast.

• For "Futurama" to be un-canceled. Again.

• For "Family Guy" to be canceled. Again.

• For "Law & Order" to be uncanceled so that we can see the episode based on the John Swallow case. Now that would be entertaining!

Scott D. Pierce covers television for The Salt Lake Tribune. Email him at spierce@sltrib.com; follow him on Twitter @ScottDPierce.