DVD review: 'Elysium' shows the future, and it's tense

Published December 16, 2013 10:41 am

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Grade • B+

DVD • Neill Blomkamp's sci-fi thriller "Elysium" is rattling around with fascinating ideas, when it isn't knocking heads with its hard-charging action.

In a future where the super-rich live in a space station, the ultimate gated community, and everyone else labors in squalor, robotics worker Max de Costa (Matt Damon) suffers a lethal dose of radiation — and only a trip to the orbiting space station, where the health-care system works miracles, can save him.

The station's security chief (Jodie Foster, overacting wildly) won't let that happen, though, and what follows is a rousing thriller with sharp special effects and a timely allegory to the current immigration debate.

Damon's Everyman persona melds nicely with an action hero's determination, and Blomkamp's action pieces are riveting. —

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