Travel: New casino, restaurants brighten downtown Las Vegas

First Published      Last Updated Nov 15 2013 10:02 am
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The Downtown Project has also invested in hipster restaurants including the chic diner Eat, the Day of the Dead-themed Mexican restaurant La Comida, and the gluten-free pizza place Wild.

The project's collection of young enthusiasts expects to open its Container Park in December. The block-long park features shops housed in shipping containers, a shady dome that glows blue and purple at night, and a metal praying mantis from the desert festival Burning Man that shoots 12-foot flames from its head.

Next year, the project expects to open the Inspire Theater on one of the busiest corners of Fremont Street.

Las Vegas has been slow to bounce back from the recession. A study by the Pew Charitable Trusts released this week examined how city revenue was fairing in 30 cities, and suggested that Las Vegas was among the cities farthest from pre-recession highs.

But downtown, Hsieh says the biggest challenge he faces is waiting patiently for construction.

"I come from the tech world where I'm used to going from idea to launch in 24 hours," he said