Uinta renames top-selling beer to avoid legal hassle

First Published      Last Updated Nov 08 2013 02:33 pm

Rather than fight a legal battle over the name of one of its best selling beers, Uinta Brewing Company decided to change the name of its Hop Notch IPA.

From now on the brew will be called Hop Nosh IPA.

Notch Brewing in Massachusetts had trademarked the word "notch" for beer and brewing purposes and it claimed the Salt Lake City brewer was creating "marketplace confusion" by using the word.

According to a news release, when the situation was brought to Uinta's attention, the company decided to avoid the legal hassles — and expense — and switch.

When the new Hop Nosh cans and bottles roll out at the beginning of the year, consumers might not notice the change. With the exception of 2 letters, the packaging looks the same with a florescent green background adorned with two farmers loading a wagon full of hops.

The beer inside the hasn't been altered either, said the company which expects to sell about 66,000 barrels of Hop Notch (or Nosh) in 2013.

Uinta officials said they embraced their inner foodie by changing the name to "nosh" which means to eat a light meal.

"Nosh is an excellent fit for this beer — so big in unique hop character that it is literally a hoppy snack," they say.