Fake Macklemore fools Salt Lake City fans

First Published      Last Updated Oct 29 2013 08:45 pm

Salt Lake City-based comedian Andrew Hales isn't Macklemore. But for a bunch of fans at the Seattle rapper's show last Saturday, he was close enough.

In a video posted to YouTube on Monday, Hales dresses up as Macklemore and heads over to the Maverik Center, where he circulates among fans and poses for photo ops. About a minute into the video, Hales approaches security. They turn him down, until he explains who he is — again, Macklemore — at which time they let him inside.

Security eventually kicked Hales out, which is too bad for him because the show actually turned out pretty good, according to the Tribune's Lindsay Whitehurst.

Hales isn't Macklemore famous, but he's no slouch either; he has more than 41,000 Twitter followers and his latest video was nearing 400,000 views Tuesday evening. In the past, he has been a purveyor of college prank videos set on the campuses of both BYU and the University of Utah.


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