DVD review: ‘American Horror Story’ crashes, burns

First Published      Last Updated Oct 05 2013 01:01 am

Grade • F

DVD • Season 1 of "American Horror Story" was a surprisingly creepy, well-done tale of a family that moved into a haunted house. Season 2 was a mess.

Nearly unwatchable, the season is an amalgam of a creepy mental hospital run by a creepy Catholic nun; Satanic possession; a guy who's a cross between Dr. Mengele and Dr. Moreau conducting experiments on patients; a variety of lunatics; and outer-space aliens. Yes — outer-space aliens.

"American Horror Story: Asylum" ran off the rails in Episode 1 and never recovered. It was gross without being scary; ridiculous without being horrifying. Even Jessica Lange as the creepy nun couldn't save this from complete disaster.


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