World’s coolest family salutes brother in ‘80s-esque music video

First Published      Last Updated Sep 27 2013 09:56 am

When my family gets together, we play "Apples to Apples" and try not to let our religious arguments get too personal. When the family in the video above gets together, they make rad, '80s-inspired video tributes to their brother.

"We Are Brothers" was ostensibly made by two siblings, "Rufus Starlight" and "Baddy Paris," and has racked up more than half a million views since being posted to YouTube Monday. And it's pretty awesome/touching in a nonsappy way. Apparently prompted by their brother's pending nuptials, the video recaps the men's mutual past: "You were a loser/Your haircut was a mullet"; "I used to change your nappy." It implores the brother not to leave his family.

The brothers reveal on a website that they made the video because they knew they would cry too much if they had to give a traditional best man's speech.

So, in between laughing and wanting to dance while watching the video, I kept thinking, "Wow, this family really loves each other."

There's a wealth of (sometimes fictional?) background information on the associated website. As an added bonus for musicians, the Youtube description includes the song's cords; I'll be looking for the Iron and Wine cover next week.

In any case, the next time you face the prospect of making a drunken, sorry excuse of a wedding toast, take a cue from this awesome family and release a superhigh production value music video instead.


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