Movie review: 'Prince Avalanche' on a charming road to nowhere

Published September 5, 2013 3:37 pm

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There's something charmingly "Waiting for Godot"-like about "Prince Avalanche," a laid-back two-character comedy-drama that gives its actors room to glow.

Alvin (Paul Rudd) runs a two-man road crew going through fire-scarred forests in central Texas, circa 1988. The other man in the crew is Lance (Emile Hirsch), the skirt-chasing brother of Alvin's never-seen girlfriend. The two paint yellow stripes, pound in posts for roadside reflectors and camp out in their down time. And they talk about loneliness, Alvin's desire for solitude and Lance's desire to pick up chicks.

Writer-director David Gordon Green ("All the Real Girls," "Pineapple Express"), adapting the minimalist Icelandic film "Either Way," lets the fractured friendship between Alvin and Lance make its own circuitous path, finding little gems along the way.

Rudd and Hirsch give solid performances as men who are, respectively, not as smart and not as dumb as they appear to be.

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'Prince Avalanche'

Opens Friday, Sept. 6, at Broadway Centre Cinemas; rated R for some sexual content; 94 minutes.