Shout-outs for Utah coffee houses

First Published      Last Updated May 29 2014 01:34 pm

Zagat has singled out Salt Lake City's Caffe d'Bolla in its list of "50 States, 50 Must-Try Coffee Shops."

The 8-year-old downtown coffee bar is known for buying beans from small farms from around the world, micro-roasting them in the shop, and brewing them individually. There is no drip coffee here; instead they are brewed through a siphon, also called "vacuum pot" brewing. John Piquet, owner along with his wife Yiching, says he roasts coffee beans up to four times a week and espresso every week or so. The brews are not repeated, he says.

After he concocts a cup of Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Kochere coffee — advertised as tasting like figs and dates, mixed berries, stewed peach and cocoa — Piquet tells a customer to "treat it like a glass of wine." It must sit for a couple of minutes because it's warmed up to 200 degrees F, and it needs to "open up," he said.

"Nobody in all of Utah is operating on the same level of quality as we are," he declares.

Also, Sunset magazine's January edition gave props to three business that fuse coffee with another business, including Sugar House's Botanica. The almost-1-year-old shop combines coffee drinks, smoothies and juices with a floral shop.

Caffe d'Bolla • 249 E. 400 South #B, Salt Lake City; 801-355-1398. Open Monday-Saturday until 6 p.m. (They don't have a set opening time; it's whenever they get to their shop from their Murray home).

Botanica • 2030 S. 900 East, Salt Lake City; 385-259-0905. Open: Monday to Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.